Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Third Pace exhibition - titled Local Velocity

Well, planning for the third and last of the Pace Project exhibitions is underway. The title of the show will be Local Velocity. I chose that title because, in line with the rest of the year-long Pace project, this last exhibition will be based largely around the idea of how we can pace our lives, with particular focus on the local.

Apparently 'local velocity' is a term used in science. In the aerospace domain, for example, it refers to the velocity of a particular point on an object relative to its surrounding fluid, as opposed to 'average velocity', or 'remote velocity'.  

 That seems about right, in a way. My use of the term for the exhibition is as a prompt for thoughts and discussions (via the works chosen for the show) on the rate and direction of change we might want at local levels. Since change close to home- or at home- is the only change we may expect to have some influence over, these are thoughts and discussions always worth having, it seems to me.

More on the artists for Local Velocity soon ... 

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