Wednesday, 29 June 2011

More images from Kim Demuth

The Children's Wall (2010)
 Here are some more images by Kim Demuth - two from the exhibition at Jan Manton Gallery titled Second Hand Pose: Portraits of the unknown (2010)

Johann (2010)

and one from a series taken in Barcelona and London.


Fast Friends invitation

Sunday, 26 June 2011

More from Phoebe McDonald ...

For those of you are following Phoebe's work, or who would just like to see more of it, she says:

I was recently offered a show at LEVEL and will use the opportunity to test some new work. Like my previous work, my latest piece (detail below) also deals with shadow and is transformed by different lighting conditions.

Phoebe McDonald Rise and Fall 2011
 Image courtesy of the artist and Spiro | Grace Art Rooms

This is work that really rewards viewing in person, because of the way it responds to light and shadow, and how its surface appears to change as you move around. 
Link to level gallery  
Level One, 11 Stratton Street, Newstead, QLD, 4006
Gallery Hours: Thurs - Sat 2-5pm  

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Get involved! Become a fast friend. Talking with artists.

In conjunction with the exhibition Fast Friends (opens Tuesday July 19, 6-8pm) for those who would like an opportunity to get to know some of the Pace artists better, I am organizing a meet-and-greet (at 5pm Tuesday July 19) in the gallery immediately before the official opening.

The idea for this event is that communication over a longer period, rather than a single conversation or just looking at an artwork, between artists and viewers is of much more value to everyone involved. 

The fast friends event is based on how artists work with time & how they communicate as creative and competent individuals. BIA participants will bring their life experience and that of their field of expertise to the “fast friendshipat the same time getting a better understanding of what the artist does, and how they go about it.

WHO & HOW:  
For artists who are involved in any of the Pace exhibitions & members of the BIA community who volunteer to take part. For those participants to meet, to be “paired up” and then to stay in some contact over a 3 month period (this could be as little as a few texts, or phone conversations, or facebook...), using any form of communication that is convenient. A brief summing up at the end of the 3 months. 

In the BIA gallery at 5pm on Tuesday July 19 before the opening of the fast friends exhibition. 

Contact me, Jill Barker at with your name and contact details - its very easy!! [My thanks to those who have already volunteered - the more the better]

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Artist Marcel Daniels

I contacted artist Marcel Daniels to talk about Fast Friends - Marcel uses a range of materials and media to make both 3D and 2D works.

The following information comes from the website about the work SO WE TOo (2010), pictured below:

This "sculptural maquette of a South African Township is made from paraffin wax and displayed on a highly reflective acrylic sheet".  
Originally I approached Marcel about this evocative work for Fast Friends - but it has been selected as a finalist in the Churchie Emerging Art Award (great!) 
The winners will not be announced until July 15, and I will watch for the announcement with interest and bated breath! So that particular artwork is not available. But Marcel has other work, and he is making further pieces, so one of those will be in Fast Friends.  
The work will be, as all the Fast Friends pieces are, made up of multiple parts in some way, but is also based on an idea of hybridity.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The work of Angela Hughes

I had seen work by Angela Hughes at Juggler's Art Space and liked the energy of it. So I contacted her and we met up to talk about Fast Friends. Angela's work is usually made up of a number of small drawings or pieces, and is based on her passion for the lives of animals. Here are some images from previous works:

Illusive Secrets 2007
Medium: Drawing, paper and glass jars

Colloquial Bryophytec 2009
Medium: Photocopies and moss in bottle caps

We have chosen some of Angela's work for the invitation for Fast Friends too.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Blog temporarily removed - back now

Pace blog was "removed" by Blogger for a while Friday afternoon till Saturday morning - at just the time when people may have been trying to follow the link via the latest BIA newsletter, so I do hope that didn't inconvenience you.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fast Friends artists - Daniel Mafe

Dan Mafe's paintings are wonderful! I can look and look at them, and still not get tired of looking. 
All images courtesy of his website and Jan Manton Gallery

Earlier paintings are more geometric, but always with a layered and playful surface that rewards close viewing as well as looking from a distance - and many of these works are large!

and some works consisted of more than one canvas (two large and one smaller canvas in this image below). 

and a detail  - where the circles mesh across from one canvas to the next:

Those paintings were made on the horizontal and layer after layer of the paint allowed to pool. More recent works are obviously painted while vertical, at least in part, but still are incredibly layered and complex as a spatial surface. 

What work will be in fast friends?

For fast friends the pieces will be works that consist of more than one part. In the way that a friendship consists of more than one person. You could say that the location of a friendship lies somewhere between the friends - so in each of the artworks in fast friends, the 'centre' of the work - if it can be said to have a centre - will be in the relationship between the parts.

Sounds simple, and easy to find works that do that in an interesting way? ... and that will play off each other in the space, and that I like a lot ... well it is enjoyable, but it feels like a constantly changing juggling act with the opening date not far away.

Probably a good idea to spend some time watching the magpie in the back garden:

Monday, 13 June 2011

Talking to artists again - Kim Demuth

Talked to Kim Demuth recently about putting some work into the Fast Friends exhibition. Kim's artwork is fascinating to see, and I had first spoken to him about being involved in the Pace Project way back in August 2010 when it was first being planned.

If you know Kim's work, you will understand why I thought about it for Pace, a project about time and pacing ... but of course the main reason I thought about it was because standing in front of his work is fascinating as it uses illusion and sometimes mirroring.

On his website, Kim says:

“I am essentially interested in how we experience time, memory, our spatial environment, and our perception of, or belief in, a 'real' world and our place within it”.

 He has worked with various media, but some years ago now he "devised a particular way of working that remains dominant in his practice to date. It merges various techniques, that are manipulated behind a veiled surface, creating a kind of holographic effect, that appears to slip somewhere between our 2D and 3D points of perception."

This is interesting, because the works can be described as something between photography and sculpture. 

Here is a work that utilises that 2D/3D optical device, from Kim's exhibition at Jan Manton Gallery, 2008. 
All images courtesy of Kim Demuth and Jan Manton Gallery.

11.15pm 11.02 2007   11.22pm 11.02.2007 (2007)
Check out other images on his website - the link is above.
March 2008

Fast Friends Exhibition!

The second exhibition of Pace Project is approaching fast! Fast Friends will open in mid-July, and I have been repeating the process I did at the beginning of the year - talking with artists, and looking at art on line and in galleries.

Sometimes in the last few weeks it seems as if I have been walking around with a little model of the BIA gallery space in my imagination, trying to work out how possible artworks will look in the space, where one work should be in relation to another, and what will or will not somehow add up to being a cohesive show.

... imagination is not as accurate as it could be, is it?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

BACK TO PACE, or getting up to speed!

Its been quite a while since my last post - that's mainly because I have been doing other projects and had nothing new to say about the Pace project. But there were things still happening for the artists who were involved in the first Pace show....  here are some of the things I know about:

 Peter Biddulph was invited to give a talk on his studio practice to interior
designers and architects of Conrad Gargett in May, and the guinomi he showed in Drawling are now stocked by Queensland Art Gallery Store.
Peter also emailed me other news:
Since my last email my entry of 'Biomimesis' for the Travelling
Scholarship 2011 has been
accepted by judges and will be exhibited along with 39 other entries at
the Noosa Regional Gallery from 27 July to 11 September 2011. The
official opening and announcement will be at 6pm on Thursday 4th August.
And from Japan, [impressively],
The guinomi have successfully passed two stages of judging in the 9th
International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
and will be exhibited in Mino from the 16th September - 23rd October 2011.

Phoebe McDonald was invited (by Art on James) to create a work in response to the work of jewellery designer Matt Dwyer, who owns FIO Contemporary Jewellery and Design. The work she made was a framed pin construction, measuring 50x50cm, which was silently auctioned with proceeds going to the children's charity AEIOU. More information at this link:
or at

I'm sorry not to have this information up in time for Art on James last weekend, but hope some of you caught the big Art on James event anyway? Somehow I was oblivious to the first week of June, and thought it was still the last week of May.

Phoebe also has photographs from the Salt Lake series she showed some of in the first Pace exhibition Drawling at the Gympie Regional Gallery opening Saturday 18 June and running till July 2. A talk by Phoebe on 22 June, 1pm.