Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Artist Marcel Daniels

I contacted artist Marcel Daniels to talk about Fast Friends - Marcel uses a range of materials and media to make both 3D and 2D works.

The following information comes from the website http://shape.qut.edu.au/students/marcel-daniels about the work SO WE TOo (2010), pictured below:

This "sculptural maquette of a South African Township is made from paraffin wax and displayed on a highly reflective acrylic sheet".  
Originally I approached Marcel about this evocative work for Fast Friends - but it has been selected as a finalist in the Churchie Emerging Art Award (great!)  http://www.churchieemergingart.com/ 
The winners will not be announced until July 15, and I will watch for the announcement with interest and bated breath! So that particular artwork is not available. But Marcel has other work, and he is making further pieces, so one of those will be in Fast Friends.  
The work will be, as all the Fast Friends pieces are, made up of multiple parts in some way, but is also based on an idea of hybridity.

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