Monday, 13 June 2011

Talking to artists again - Kim Demuth

Talked to Kim Demuth recently about putting some work into the Fast Friends exhibition. Kim's artwork is fascinating to see, and I had first spoken to him about being involved in the Pace Project way back in August 2010 when it was first being planned.

If you know Kim's work, you will understand why I thought about it for Pace, a project about time and pacing ... but of course the main reason I thought about it was because standing in front of his work is fascinating as it uses illusion and sometimes mirroring.

On his website, Kim says:

“I am essentially interested in how we experience time, memory, our spatial environment, and our perception of, or belief in, a 'real' world and our place within it”.

 He has worked with various media, but some years ago now he "devised a particular way of working that remains dominant in his practice to date. It merges various techniques, that are manipulated behind a veiled surface, creating a kind of holographic effect, that appears to slip somewhere between our 2D and 3D points of perception."

This is interesting, because the works can be described as something between photography and sculpture. 

Here is a work that utilises that 2D/3D optical device, from Kim's exhibition at Jan Manton Gallery, 2008. 
All images courtesy of Kim Demuth and Jan Manton Gallery.

11.15pm 11.02 2007   11.22pm 11.02.2007 (2007)
Check out other images on his website - the link is above.
March 2008

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