Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Get involved! Become a fast friend. Talking with artists.

In conjunction with the exhibition Fast Friends (opens Tuesday July 19, 6-8pm) for those who would like an opportunity to get to know some of the Pace artists better, I am organizing a meet-and-greet (at 5pm Tuesday July 19) in the gallery immediately before the official opening.

The idea for this event is that communication over a longer period, rather than a single conversation or just looking at an artwork, between artists and viewers is of much more value to everyone involved. 

The fast friends event is based on how artists work with time & how they communicate as creative and competent individuals. BIA participants will bring their life experience and that of their field of expertise to the “fast friendshipat the same time getting a better understanding of what the artist does, and how they go about it.

WHO & HOW:  
For artists who are involved in any of the Pace exhibitions & members of the BIA community who volunteer to take part. For those participants to meet, to be “paired up” and then to stay in some contact over a 3 month period (this could be as little as a few texts, or phone conversations, or facebook...), using any form of communication that is convenient. A brief summing up at the end of the 3 months. 

In the BIA gallery at 5pm on Tuesday July 19 before the opening of the fast friends exhibition. 

Contact me, Jill Barker at with your name and contact details - its very easy!! [My thanks to those who have already volunteered - the more the better]

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