Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Interesting & informative talk by Carl Warner today

Carl answered questions about his fascinating and beautiful photographs. Looking at them, it isn't easy to see how they were made, and several people were surprised to find that they are 'straight' photos - that is, they aren't manipulated or constructed digitally.

The grid that seems to be overlaid on the image is actually part of what was there in the space where Carl took the photographs - the gleaming reflective surfaces of mirrored mosaics in an old(-ish) theatre foyer.

Carl explains...

and describes some of his thought processes when making work. 

Carl's extensive experience is clearly evident in this work. And there is always such valuable information that comes out of these q & a sessions. 

Something I really like, and had not realised before is that much of the colour in these works is generated by light sources in the space that was being photographed. The pink glow, the greenish glow are caused in large part by the way the process of photography responds to light temperature. Those seductive colours and the surface of the photographs are further enhanced by being printed on metallic paper, and the print is then bonded to acrylic.

This was the very last talk of the very last event of the 2011 Pace Project! All good things come to an end eventually.

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