Thursday, 10 November 2011

Phoebe McDonald's show & tell

A very interested group was present to hear Phoebe talk about recent developments in her art practice which always centres around using light and shade. She had brought in some new pieces to show and talk about alongside the pin works on the wall. Phoebe's enthusiasm for whatever she is involved in is evident in her readiness to share information about techniques and the processes of her making. 

Leaning against the wall in the photo above are two of Phoebe's new balsa wood works, constructed painstakingly by hand, from a series of at least 9? that will be shown in Sydney in the next couple of weeks. (We had turned the lights in the gallery off to better see shadows formed in the surface of the works.) Phoebe had also brought prototypes of a similar kind of surface made by writing a CAD program to enable a computer operated router make the work, a process she is learning about to use especially for large scale works. 

Here she shows a video of the router in action:

 and she also brought a 3D printed object ... and delicate laser cut 3D shapes

Fascinating potential - and it will be worth keeping track of how Phoebe uses these technologies in her practice - watch this blog, or watch Phoebe's website for developments and news!

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