Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mike Riddle's talk - insight into thinking through materials

Mike's talk began with some explanation of ideas that provoked him to make the series of works called Tools for Living. 

He had brought along some works other than the ones in the exhibition, including tests and experiments with materials in process, to help illustrate the technical and conceptual processes he uses to make his artworks. Many of the works are made with cast metal using lost wax processes or similar casting techniques involving several steps. Latex is another material he uses really effectively:

The processes used are quite physical and the works themselves look as if you should pick them up to try to work out how to use them. It was good to be able to handle the small works which were mostly tool-like, solid to hold and surprisingly detailed with personal references such as the kitchen grater cast in lead, with rows of teeth taken from a cast of one of Mike's own teeth. 

This was a great talk/Q & A session, informal and informative. Can't wait to see where Mike's practice takes him, and the next work he produces!

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