Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Carl Warner's artworks

You'll see Carl Warner's name associated with images of artworks and objects in museums in many places in Brisbane, and beyond. In one of his roles as a photographer, he documents the work of local contemporary artists, documents exhibitions in situ, objects from collections, and probably many other things I am unaware of.

In his role as an exhibiting artist, Carl is very well respected and successful. His photographs of beautifully observed urban surfaces are often reminiscent of abstract or minimal paintings; other series of his work are of landscape 'surfaces' without horizons.

Carl's works are beautiful and conceptual. They are as much about the act of photographing and the culture of photography as they are about the found subject. Here are a couple of his works for you to see, and you can see more at www.janmantonart.com

All images are courtesy of Carl Warner and Jan Manton Art. All rights reserved.

Carl Warner, untitled 1996/7, from the series 'Detritus' 75 x 74 c, toned silver bromide photograph 

Carl Warner, Oblivion #1, 2009, lambda print.

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