Sunday, 9 October 2011

The return of Phoebe McDonald in Local Velocity

Those who saw the first Pace exhibition will remember that Phoebe McDonald was one of the artists. Her work in the show was a series of large digital photographs from the Salt Lake Series (2009). Remember this?

Image courtesy Phoebe McDonald

I have invited Phoebe back to be part of the third exhibition, for a few reasons.

In terms of the velocity of living and making art, the idea of being able to see (and hear from her) what might have changed for Phoebe in the last seven months is a satisfying one. Also, the work she will be showing in LV will appear to be quite different from the work in Drawling - different medium, subject etc. But developing and juggling bodies of work in a range of media is something that many-maybe most?-contemporary artists do. Although it will be the continuation of a stream of work she has been making for some time, there is also a new and experimental edge: one of the works for LV will be a trial of something Phoebe talked about wanting to develop when the first exhibition was on.

And all of the work emanates from "an ongoing interest in the nature of light, time, space and perception. She is also interested in the subtle changes and cyclic events that occur in the natural environment over time." (from )

For some good images of Phoebe's work in situ in the space of SGAR, have a look at the home page of

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