Monday, 17 October 2011

The work of Bruce Reynolds

I have known and liked the work of Bruce Reynolds for a long time - for decades I could say. In his best known artworks Bruce uses pieces of old patterned lino in the construction of 'ready-made' paintings. He often adds paint or printed photographic imagery over the lino surface of his construction, sometimes melding all three - found pattern, paint and photography into one image. In a video interview you can access at Bruce talks about his initial idea of building a painting as a tradesman may build something, comparing that with the idea of the virtuoso painter.

Other materials are also used, such as carpet and relief work in concrete - and you may have seen some of his work installed in the Magistrates Court in Brisbane.

Here are a few images of  his work:  
All images courtesy of Bruce Reynolds and Ryan Renshaw Gallery. All rights reserved.



'Silent Partner'

'Academy Observed State 2'

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