Thursday, 20 October 2011

Don't miss Sharon's talk at the opening!

On Tuesday 1 November the opening of Local Velocity (from 5-8pm) includes a sit-down-with-a-glass-of-something slide talk by Sharon Jewell about her experiences, thoughts & images of her time earlier this year in Helsinki on an Australia Council residency.

Don't miss it! Her talk will be about 6-6.30pm - time for you to arrive, have a chat, see the work and then  to listen to Sharon's talk, and questions. 

Time afterwards for more getting to know all the artists and the work in the show.

The idea of artist residencies, what they are and what they can be, has come up several times during the course of the Pace project, and Sharon's residency in such an interesting place was too good an opportunity to pass by without finding out more.

Why did she choose Helsinki to apply for? What did she do while there? What is the residue of her experience that she brings back with her? How does that translate, if it does, into her ongoing art practice?  And is the idea of 'time-out' somewhere else just the same as having a holiday?

These are just my questions - yours are byo (the questions, not the drinks) - cheers!

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