Sunday, 13 March 2011

Here are some of the artworks in Drawling...

Here are some images of the works in Drawling.
Kylie Jury's photos of people in the street:

Kylie must have taken some time to collect the Contemplation series of digital photographs of commuters in the street, but each individual photograph was taken quickly. Looking at four images from the series we can see that a stranger’s interior space was more real to them in that moment than were their external surroundings. For these works the slowness may be in our pausing, as viewers, to consider and gauge the immensity of a person’s inner world. 

You can see these are strong works, but on the blog you don't get the effect of the scale or the matte surface, or how the four works on show relate to each other, or to the effect of the sound from the video work in the gallery...

and from Richard Stride, isometric drawings in pen on paper:

Richard's four painstaking isometric drawings of imagined scenarios are detailed and particular. Isometric drawing is a system of perspective in which all distances are to the same scale, making it functional for technical diagrams, unlike linear perspective. Its use is common in engineering and industrial design due to its accuracy and ability to convey certain information; also in many computer games. Richard’s drawings are slow to make and measured in their aspect and they draw us in to study them closely. He is interested by the fact that the isometric system provides a false view yet is functional in its ability to convey information and enable the rationalisation of space.


  1. Richard's isometric drawings have a great play between the rigorousness of the drawing process and their content which reveals an intense childlike humour. I found them fascinating.

  2. Mmm, to me they are - difficult to describe the effect - very thoughtfully and quietly funny. The way they're installed in the show adds to the combination of rigor and playfulness you've identified.