Sunday, 13 March 2011

Judith Kentish, Sandra Selig & Catherine Brown in Drawling... with a connection to Tasmania

At the opening, some people wondered whether the pen drawing by Judith Kentish was actually a drawing or (somehow) a photograph or copy of a drawing - but its the actual drawing; she used pen on a long roll of drafting film. Here's a photograph of Jude working on it on chilly Maatsuyker Island. She's inside her unheated hut/studio on the island:

'from ideas of disturbance' 2010, work in progress

..the view...

and details of the work...

Judith travelled to isolated Maatsuyker Island off the southern coast of Tasmania last winter to spend two months alone. The work on paper you see in Drawling was made while she was there, and can be seen as a measure of her paced routine on Maatsuyker.  The cloth-like surface is generated by Judith’s time-consuming action of drawing the surface slowly over the paper, and the completed work is shown in Drawling on a  purpose built white table. This work is one which embodies its own process.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

The collaborative video work Fairweather’s Dream by Sandra Selig & Catherine Brown with sound by 'Fractions' (Leighton Craig and Stuart Busby) began as colour ‘hand held’ video footage of sailboats in full sail off Hobart taken by Catherine and was projected through plastic and videoed again by Sandra to produce the ghostly images we see.  So the work is double ‘hand held’ as well as ‘double filmed’. The video images evoke the weightlessness of dreams, but it is the effect of the sound, from an album called Pumicestone Passage recorded at Golden Beach (Sunshine Coast) in 2005, that slows the work and sets our tempo as viewers.  

The title plays on the name of artist Ian Fairweather who found refuge for a while on Bribie Island and who when he was sixty made a raft out of discarded materials and set off on a lone voyage from Darwin to Timor. Presumed lost at sea, he managed to get to an Indonesian beach sixteen days later, barely alive.  

(Courtesy the artists and Milani gallery, Brisbane)

This is beautiful work!

Elsewhere on this blog there is a URL where you can download the sound work by 'Fractions'. Catherine is a Queensland artist who is living in Hobart at present.

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