Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Drawling Opening & talks

Drawling opens Saturday 12 March 4-6pm at BIA. Hope to see lots of people there! The exhibition will run till April 1.

I've scheduled some Q&A sessions with me and/or the artists on Wednesdays & Thursdays at lunchtime while the exhibition is up - confirmed:

(all 12:30pm - 1pm)
Wed March 16 - curator Jill Barker
Thurs March 17 - Phoebe McDonald
Wed March 23- Richard Stride
Thurs March 24 - Judith Kentish
Wed Mar 30 - Kylie Jury
Thurs Mar 31 - Peter Biddulph

The Q&A sessions are planned for these times because this is when the most people are at BIA for classes. So if you have a morning class on either of those days, please think about staying on afterwards for half an hour, and you may want to come to a talk before your afternoon class. Or you may want to come to ask a question even though you aren't usually at BIA on those days. 
Each talk will be held in the gallery and will be limited to the first 25 to arrive, due to space restrictions. I may be able to add some more talks if there are enough people interested! [You can also ask questions of the artists and curator via commenting on this blog]

In addition, there will be an evening lecture on Australian Art by Dr Mark Pennings to help contextualize the artworks, and there is no restriction on numbers for this lecture. 
Watch this space for the date & time of Dr Penning's lecture!

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