Friday, 11 March 2011

Opens this afternoon (Saturday 12th)!

You are very welcome to come to the gallery this afternoon between four and six. 

See the work slowly - or fast, up to you - meet the artists, have a drink and enjoy the relaxing surroundings at BIA, Grafton Street, Windsor. 

 ...and check out those grassy knolls...


  1. I love the peaceful feeling of the show Jill - the works resonate beautifully with each other.

  2. Thanks Phoebe - I think they do too. Someone commented that it was a good quiet space, and that each 'side' of the gallery space had a different kind of feel, but on both sides the works were such that you could feel yourself slow down. I don't think they meant only when there was no-one else there...I do think its the effect of the artworks.