Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sandra Selig's work

The sixth artist for Drawling is Sandra Selig.

Some of you (at BIA) will remember seeing Sandra's work at Milani gallery when we were on one of our Discovering Art in Brisbane treks, I am sure. [I would be interested to hear from you if you do remember - please add a comment]. And you will know that it is impossible to convey the memorable experience of her evocative thread or video work in a static image. But static images are better than words - here's a link to some images of her work at Milani gallery:

And I found this link from a project a few years ago where you can read Sandra's own words about her work.

A very recent work at Monash. 
Sandra has sent me some images of this work:

heart of the air you can hear 2011
currently installed at MUMA, Melbourne, in a group show titled 
'Networks - Cells and Silos'
@ 5m x 3m x 3m
polyester sewing thread, nails, paint

Sandra has also, like Judith Kentish, spent time in that Tokyo studio. Someone said recently that there aren't as many as six degrees of separation in Brisbane - only about two!

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